Meet Kelli Barth, Flavorchem’s Flavor Lab Coordinator

Name: Kelli Barth
Role: Flavor Lab Coordinator

“The best part about working at Flavorchem is the ability to express and experience creative ideas. You never know what we will come up with next!”

Road to Flavorchem 

worked with a temp agency trying to find a job where I could use my bachelor’s degree in chemistry. They recommended looking into the food industry and there was a temporary Sample Lab Technician position open here at Flavorchem. I started in April of 2013 and was hired on as a permanent employee in August 2013. I then moved over to R&D and have grown my role from a Technician to the Flavor Lab Coordinator. 

Interest in the Food & Beverage Industry 

I have always been a foodie in the sense that I reallylove learning about and trying new food. I like that everyone has a different opinion on flavors and taste and that is why new things are always being developed. It’s exciting that there is always something new to try and/or learn about. 

Interesting Facts! 

  • Favorite Flavor: Dark Chocolate – the darker, the better 
  • Favorite Hobby: I love breaking open a new board game with my significant other and learning how to play it. We own over 300 games and have all types ranging from puzzles and mysteries to horror and campaign-based. 
  • Any fun or interesting future plans: I plan on marrying the love of my life in 2022. We are super excited!