Flavorchem has two strategically located, U.S. based manufacturing facilities. Our corporate headquarters is located in Illinois, and both our Illinois and California locations are home to complete flavor manufacturing operations with significant space available for future expansion. Having multiple facilities allows for flexibility in serving our customers and meeting their needs.

Flavorchem West | San Clemente, CA

Manufacturing facility and on-site customer service

  • Opened in 1996
  • 35,000 square feet with an additional 25,000 square feet available for future expansion
  • Complete flavor manufacturing operation
    • Dry blending
    • Spray drying
    • Extracts
    • Masking flavors
    • Compounded flavors
    • Emulsions
    • Color blending
    • Vitamin and nutraceutical blending
  • Facility specializes in high volume distillation and folding of essential oils as well as custom batch distillations
  • Business continuity