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Pilot Thermal Processing

Committed to customer collaboration and innovation, our fully automated state-of-the-art pilot plant utilizes the latest in thermal processing capabilities. Our customers can work with us to test their products on a lab scale before they scale up into production. Specialized technology and equipment allow us to test flavors, extracts, and ingredients in different finished applications.

Custom Lab Scale Production

The ability to run the customer’s actual product or base at a lab scale allows developers to formulate flavors that are optimized for production. This approach accelerates brand owners’ speed to market while providing full confidence that the flavor will perform in the finished product the same way it did in our pilot plant.

Our Pilot Plant

  • Three separate dedicated spaces for extractions and experimental technologies
  • Simulation of HTST, UHT, and aseptic conditions with both indirect heating and direct steam injection
  • Clean Fill Hood for plastic and glass bottles (hot-fill and cold-fill)
  • Aseptic bag-in-box (BIB) filling capabilities
  • Computer controlled for consistent processing with data logging
  • Flavors formulated for optimized production
  • Delivers great taste experience for the end-user
  • Fully expandable to allow for customer specific equipment to be used and additional processing equipment to be added seamlessly

Test a New Flavor in Your Application

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