Health & Wellness Nutrition

There is a lot going on in the health and wellness space and we are committed to keeping tabs on it. Clean label, natural, functional, free-from… We know wellness and performance nutrition.

Ingredient Solutions for...

  • Protein-fortified Products

  • Shakes & Smoothies

  • Powdered Products

  • Dietary Supplements

  • Bars & Snacks

  • Functional Products

Fortified, Functional, and Free-from

Functional foods that deliver added nutrients typically contribute off-flavors in a finished product. Our flavors build delicious flavor profiles and mask off-notes.

Innovation Highlights

We design flavor and masking solutions to address the intrinsic challenges of nutraceuticals and functional foods. From cost reduction to meeting natural and clean label requirements, we deliver the flavor system that is right for you.

  • Masking Solutions for Off-Notes & Odors
  • Cutting-Edge Pilot Thermal Processing Unit
  • Custom Flavors Designed for Your Product
  • Customized Support & Test Kitchen

Try Our Boutique Approach

Health & Wellness Nutrition solutions customized for your unique product.