Maskers, Enhancers, & Sweeteners

Highly customized application specific ingredients designed for peak performance in your product.

Unlock Your Taste Potential

Maskers allow formulators to use functional ingredients and high-intensity sweeteners at the desired usage level without associated negative flavor or odor profiles. Our maskers are available in liquid and powdered forms and come in natural, artificial, and N&A types.

Our Portfolio

  • Maskers to reduce bitterness, astringency, saltiness, and other undesirable aftertastes associated with functional ingredients and high-intensity sweeteners
  • Maskers to block and/or neutralize off-odors
  • Enhancers to improve mouthfeel, extend/improve flavors, and extend/intensify sweetness
  • Natural, Artificial, Sugar-free, and High-intensity Sweeteners

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Masker, enhancer, and sweetener solutions for your unique products and expectations.