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About Flavorchem

Our mission is to create memorable sensory experiences. Our strength lies in a foundation built on unsurpassed service joined with a focused quality approach in all facets of operations.

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Formulating flavors for a specific product requires specialized knowledge: cost factors, application considerations, and an ability to find creative solutions if unique development challenges arise.

Extracts & Essential Oils

Flavorchem specializes in manufacturing botanical extracts, from pure single-fold extracts to 20-fold oleoresins. We also specialize in hot and cold brew extracts, folding essential oils, and more.

Masking & Sweeteners

The popularity of functional foods and beverages is evident on store shelves everywhere, and with an overwhelming consumer response.


Color is very important to the way we taste food, often associated with taste and quality. Put Flavorchem’s knowledge and expertise to work in creating color solutions for your product.

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Flavor and ingredient solutions according to your unique products and expectations.