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Your consumers want clean, nutritional products that taste great. However, functional foods that deliver added nutrients typically contribute off-flavors, textures, and aromas in the finished product.

We have the solution.

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mask the off-notes associated with plant-based protein

Plant proteins share many undesirable attributes, but no two products are alike. Our customized support and refined approach provides innovative masking solutions for snack & performance bars, RTD nutritional beverages, and functional blends & mixes. Overcome unwanted off-notes astringency, bitterness, cardboard, vegetative, and metallic tastes today with taste mod™ for protein.

enhance sweetness in beverage applications

beverage smoothie functional

Beverages lead the way on sugar reduction efforts as the category evolves to serve a wider range of health-conscious consumers. Our modulators work in a variety of beverage applications covering a range of pH levels and nutritive sweeteners. The ingredient allows for a 30% reduction in sugar to enable a “reduced sugar” claim and is approximately 40x sweeter than sucrose. Overcome sugar reduction taste challenges today with taste mod™ sweet.

High Performance Solutions for Optimized Taste Experience

  • Extensive portfolio of maskers, enhancers, and sweetener system compatibility
  • Designed for clean label products, labeled as “natural flavor”
  • Certified Organic Versions Available
  • Vegan, non-GMO, Kosher
  • Specialized application specific ingredients
  • Complimenting flavor profiles

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