Consumers seek out both decadent and permissibly indulgent moments for “feel good” food experiences. From the classics to the cutting edge, we build flavors for all your sweet creations.

Ingredient Solutions for...

  • Chocolate

  • Hard & Soft-Boiled Sweets

  • Gum & Mints

  • Gummies & Jellies

  • Taffy & Chews

  • Caramels, Nougats, & Fondants

  • Sticks, Liquids, & Sprays

  • Seasonal Confectionery

  • Medicated Confectionery

Life is short, make it sweet.

From hard candies and gummies, to caramels and chocolates, our knowledge of confectionery processing means we know how to deliver incredible taste in all your applications.

Innovation Highlights

Our customers can work side-by-side with our Flavor Creation Team to test a variety of candy and confection products.

  • Flavors Formulated to Withstand Unique Confectionery Manufacturing Processes
  • Dedicated Confectionery Application Scientist On-Site
  • Customized Support & Test Kitchen

Try Our Boutique Approach

Confectionery solutions customized for your unique product.