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Current flavor and color trends in baked goods and snacks

March 9, 2016

Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery, March 9, 2016: Ed McIntosh, marketing manager at Flavorchem Corp., Downers Grove, IL, predicts more savory flavors and flavor mash-ups to appear in breads, trends he attributes to millennials and gen X. The company recently expanded its savory bread flavors like a Middle East blend, sweet fennel and chipotle pepper.

Nostalgia is another trend still prevalent in the baked goods category. Radke cites root beer, s’mores, bubble gum, cotton candy and birthday cake as some of the more-popular nostalgic flavors.


What Is the Future for Synthetic Colors?

March 1, 2016

Food Processing Magazine, March 1, 2016: Synthetic hues may be around at least for a while for certain food segments, agrees Ed McIntosh, marketing manager at Flavorchem Corp., Downers Grove, Ill. “There’s always going to be a need for synthetic colors due to cost or functionality. Some natural colors cannot provide the exact color specifications and/or requirements needed in some applications,” he says. “Consumers are used to the visual cues their favorite foods and beverages provide, so it will take time for them to adjust if a natural color is used for a staple.”  Click here for full article.


2016 Flavor Trends for Food and Beverage

January 21, 2016

Nutritional Outlook Magazine, January 21, 2016: Non-GMO flavors will also see more demand in 2016, according to Ed McIntosh, marketing manager for Flavorchem Corp. (Downers Grove, IL). “As FDA has not defined and probably will not define anytime in the near future what constitutes ‘natural,’ consumers will look at flavors and ingredients that are non-GMO, such as cocoa, coffee, orange, and peppermint,” he says. As it happens, the company just released a line of Non-GMO Project Verified flavors, including the ones mentioned above. Click here for full article.


Flavorchem Launches Non-GMO Project Verified Flavors

December 21, 2015

Downers Grove, IL; December 21, 2015: Flavorchem Corporation, a leader in flavor, color and masking solutions for the food and beverage industry, announces a new line of Non- GMO Project Verified flavors. Some of the current Flavors offered are cocoa, coffee, orange, lime, peppermint and lemon. Additional Verified flavors are continuously being added to our product line.

Please click below to view the full release.

Press Release Non GMO Project Verified Flavors


Flavorchem Newsletter Fall 2015

September 17, 2015

Inside this edition:

  • Flavorchem Acquires Hungarian Flavor Operation
  • Introducing Flavorchem Vanilla Replacers
  • Rolling into SupplySide West
  • Flavorchem Shines at the National IFT
  • Market Corner: Protein Ingredients Consuming the Nutraceutical Market

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Flavorchem Buys Manufacturing Facility in Hungary

September 3, 2015

DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. — Flavorchem Corp. has acquired a flavor production facility in Kerepes, Hungary, that will support the production of Flavorchem’s liquid, powdered and spray-dried products used by the baking, beverage, confectionery and nutraceutical industries. Click here to read the full article in Food Business News, or read our press release.