Masking & Sweeteners

Consumers are exhibiting a constantly increasing interest in products that promote health and well-being (including natural products, which fit into a perception of being ‘better-for-you). This interest is a main driver powering the food and beverage additives market category, which is already growing and forecast to continue expanding.

Among products in the additives category, functional additives (or nutraceuticals) and alternative sweeteners are among the most noteworthy. Nutraceuticals are poised for rapid gains fueled by their expansion into a wider variety of products and subsequently, an increased focus on innovation. Sweetener alternatives, dominated by aspartame (primarily due to widespread use in diet beverages) are already thriving, although opportunities for stevia, sucralose, ace-K, and some polyols abound. Stevia and other natural sweetness-enhancing ingredients will additionally benefit from trends favoring product naturalness.

Incorporating nutraceuticals and alternative sweeteners into your product line can create wonderful opportunities for your brand. Developing successful formulations, however, can present a set of unique challenges. Flavorchem is well-versed in handling these challenges and delivers the results you expect. We have the knowledge to formulate for functional additives and sweetener alternatives along with the technologies needed mask any undesired notes or flavors.

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