Food Safety & Security

Food safety and security is our top priority. As a supplier in the food and beverage chain, Flavorchem has a responsibility to consumers worldwide. We are a SQF Level 3 Certified company, and take food safety and security very seriously. Flavorchem’s security policies and plans are regularly reviewed, and revised if necessary, to address any changing conditions.

Our FS&S policy encompasses all areas of concern, including hazardous material control, threat assessments and vulnerabilities analysis, employee screening and responsibility, raw material control, and security for facilities, utilities, technology, transportation, and logistics, as well as a documented HACCP program to address internal controls.

The FS&S policy includes programs to manage the security of our facilities and other aspects of operations. We are compliant with the FDA’s Bio-Terrorism Preparedness Act of 2002 and the DOT’s Research and Special Programs Administration, and perform periodic self-assessments to evaluate compliance with those standards. Flavorchem holds a belief that compliance extends beyond government mandate, however, and our programs and policies are designed to reflect food safety and security as our number objective.