Social Responsibility

As a corporate citizen, Flavorchem has a responsibility to the health of our planet, the well-being of our community, the welfare of our employees, and the overall strength of our company. Our CSR strategy is based on generating awareness, then inspiring and encouraging employees into taking action by leading through example.

Our goal of becoming an even better corporate citizen is spurred by the vision of an invigorated world. Flavorchem’s core values are focused on three key areas: Environment, Workplace, and Community. Many corporate responsibility matters are interrelated, however, and addressing one can be beneficial in multiple ways.  We are committed to advancing our capability to address CSR principles, and gradually embedding them into daily operations.

A sense of camaraderie is established when we work together toward common objectives, and we observe the influential and positive impact that we can collectively have. Seeing results within the workplace instills a sense of empowerment that lasts, inspiring change even when employees leave work for the day.  The outcome is a happier society, living on a healthier planet, and leaving a brighter legacy for future generations.