A common trait shared by all businesses is that they each have a level of responsibility and accountability to society. At the very least, businesses provide a boost to their local community by contributing jobs and generating tax revenue. Flavorchem strongly believes that our company should go beyond minimum accountability and legislative standards.

We have strict measures in place to preserve the integrity of our operations and lessen their imprint on the community. Active process and product management and improvement, coupled with our food safety and security program, ensures the safety and quality of products leaving our facilities. In addition to the changes already implemented, we’re constantly exploring ways to better manage and minimize our environmental impact. Flavorchem is also eager to work with customers seeking earth-friendly product solutions.

As an employer, manufacturer, and supplier, we have direct and indirect impacts on both local and global society. We’ve operated out of our Illinois location since 1982 and our California location since 1996. Many of our employees live in or near the same towns as the facility at which they work, stressing the importance of responsible corporate behavior. We want to do everything within our ability to contribute to the development and betterment of our communities.