Workplace Initiatives

Flavorchem’s success has always been based on our excellent products and sound workplace initiatives. Our philosophy is simple: appreciate customers, respect employees, and invest for growth.

We’re here for our customers—listening, adapting, and providing excellent customer service. We’re also here for our employees, who have helped make us the great company we are today. We strive to make long-term investments in personnel, equipment, technology, and other tools which support our goal of becoming more efficient and profitable.


  • Fostering an environment where employees can thrive
  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance and achievements
  • Advancing a sense of community by encouraging employees to collaborate and cooperate, challenge and inspire, and above all, value each other
  • Promote employee adoption of core CSR principles
  • Instilling cultural diversity, understanding, and acceptance
    • Equal employment opportunities
    • Zero-tolerance discrimination and harassment policies
  • Tuition support for employees seeking to advance their education

Workplace Environment and Operating Practices

  • Fully supporting and complying with local and national laws, standards, and requirements
  • Employee rights to safe, humane working conditions
  • Meeting and exceeding health and safety standards
  • Managing risk in the work environment and minimizing hazards
  • Ensuring process, product, and facility safety

 Financial Growth and Business Practices

  • Preserving and promoting positive relationships with customers
  • Easy access for our customers to product support and informational documentation
  • Strategic investments to drive growth and profitability
  • Business continuity of core products, services, and processes