2021 Flavor & Trend Forecast!

As the food industry evolves in the wake of coronavirus, changing consumer trends will transform the future of food and drink. We analyzed the newest product releases, market intelligence reports, data sources, and social media buzz to predict the latest food, beverage and flavor trends. Here’s a sneak peek into our predictions for the coming year. 

Breakfast Reimagined

The breakfast category will experience innovative revamps on familiar favorites with more consumers working and learning from home as seen in Project Breakfast’s all-natural, ready-to-drink protein breakfast beverage. Flavored with fruits, vegetables, nuts or spices, Evergreen’s miniature waffles entered the frozen breakfast category while Birch Bender debuted their microwavable Pancake a la Cup in Classic Maple and Chocolate Chip.  

Trendsetters: EvergreenBirch BendersProject Breakfast

Plant Protein Power

Witnessing a projected growth rate of 9% from 2019-2023, plant-based protein continues to surge with a series of new product launches like Kitu’s Super Coffee and ZENB’s single-ingredient pastas, made entirely from yellow peas. Meanwhile, Nabati’s new pea protein-based meat alternative line, including their Chick’n and F’sh Burger, will hit US shelves next year. 

Trendsetters: KituZENBNabati  

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle

Upcycled ingredients will be one of the most popular claims in 2021 amidst heightened consumer demand for ethical, transparent and sustainable products. Renewal Mill’s Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix is made with upcycled okara flour, pea starch, and vanilla bean while ReGrained’s latest puffs feature SuperGrain+, an ingredient derived from spent brewers’ grain. Recent upcycled beverage launches include Take Two’s Barley Milk and Reveal’s Avocado Seed Brew. 

Trendsetters: Renewal MillReGrained Take TwoReveal   


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