Tapping into the Latest Trends in Alcohol

The pandemic has moved drinking culture to the home as alcohol brands get creative to meet consumer appetite for taste, diversification, and functionality. From mindful drinking to boozy hybrids, here are some of the top trends emerging in flavored alcoholic beverages and spirits. Zero to Hero New products are emerging in the low to no-alcohol category as a growing number of consumers seek healthier alternatives. Premium beer brands like Heineken, Budweiser, and Lagunitas have … Continued

Packaging Design in the Spotlight for 2021

Research from IPSOS indicates that 70% of consumers agree a product’s package can influence their purchasing decisions. Innovative packaging designs are evolving as brands explore more creative, convenient, and sustainable packaging options that will capture the attention of shoppers and differentiate their product. Iconic Brand Refresh From simple and streamlined to adding pops of personality, … Continued

2021 Trends & Flavor Forecast!

As the food industry evolves in the wake of coronavirus, changing consumer trends will transform the future of food and drink. We analyzed the newest product releases, market intelligence reports, data sources, and social media buzz to predict the latest food, beverage and flavor trends. Here’s a sneak peek into our predictions for the coming year.  Breakfast Reimagined The breakfast category will experience innovative revamps on familiar favorites … Continued

Now Open! SRS Center for Taste Innovation

We are excited to announce the opening of the SRS Center for Taste Innovation at our Downers Grove campus.  The new 25,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility is named after the late Salvatore R. Sprovieri, who founded Flavorchem in 1971 with his brother Phil, who maintains an active leadership role. The focus of the architectural design was to create and deliver a boutique customer experience that encourages innovation, collaboration, and experimentation … Continued

Regional Flavors Trend Into 2021

Consumer appetite for flavor exploration has persisted during the global pandemic. QSR menus and product launches indicate regional cuisine has increased in popularity and will be a major trend to watch in 2021 as consumers crave a sense of adventure in food and drink. BBQ Boom A Mintel survey shows 87% of consumers display interest … Continued

Meet Andy Sadowski, Flavorchem’s Scheduling/Materials Manager

Name: Andy Sadowski Role: Scheduling/Materials Manager “Although we have grown past the small family business on paper, I feel that the same philosophy and atmosphere remains.” Road to Flavorchem I was hired to work at Flavorchem in July 1991 after initially working through a temp service. My first position was in Shipping and Receiving but I have been in … Continued

Tricks and Trendy Treats this Halloween Season

Candy manufacturers and consumers remain optimistic that longstanding Halloween traditions will not be strongly impacted by the pandemic. The National Confectioners Association reported 80% of their respondents believe that people will find creative and safe ways to celebrate the festive season this year.   Sour Spotlight New sour-flavored confection launches saw a 38% growth with See’s Candies latest Sour Jelly Beans Trick-or-Treat Pack, which includes a mix of Sour Tangerine, Grape and Apple flavors. Available through the American Licorice Co., Boo Box features Sour Punch … Continued

Sweet Trends in Sugar Reduction Happening Now

Sugar reduction remains a top priority as new dietary guidelines advise Americans to lower their added sugar intake from 10% to less than 6% of their daily calories. Brands’ quest for healthier alternatives persists with 74% of 2020 Food and Health survey respondents trying to limit or avoid sugar altogether.  No sugar. No problem ChocZero’s sugar-free chocolate products include peanut butter cups, chocolate squares, and keto bark. Nut Pods dairy-free, 0g of … Continued