Emerging Opportunities in Plant Protein

Growing interest in health and sustainability is creating new opportunities for the plant-based protein market. A 2020 International Food Information Council (IFIC) survey reported that nearly 70% of consumers consider protein from plant sources the healthiest, while 40% are trying to consume more plant protein. As plant protein gains consumer attention, let’s explore the latest category trends emerging within this versatile marketplace. Portable Protein Mondelez’s 2020 State of Snacking report showed that almost 9 in 10 global adults are … Continued

Meet Bart Kotlarek, Flavorchem’s Global Key Account Manager

Road to Flavorchem  After studying International Relations at Franklin University Switzerland, I had just moved back to Chicago and met Phil Sprovieri, Co-founder of Flavorchem, at a charity event. I told Phil about my international background and was invited to interview for a position at Flavorchem Europe.  I started as a Sales Associate Trainee in Hungary and it was life-changing!  Memorable Moments at … Continued

Nostalgic Flavors Trend Upward as Consumers Seek Comfort

Nostalgic flavors across food and beverage have surged in popularity as many consumers seek out familiar favorites and comfort during the pandemic. According to Mintel, 71% of US consumers enjoy food experiences that remind them of their childhood as brands revamp classic flavors and create nostalgic additions to their product portfolios. Warm brown flavors are … Continued

Tapping into the Latest Trends in Alcohol

The pandemic has moved drinking culture to the home as alcohol brands get creative to meet consumer appetite for taste, diversification, and functionality. From mindful drinking to boozy hybrids, here are some of the top trends emerging in flavored alcoholic beverages and spirits. Zero to Hero New products are emerging in the low to no-alcohol category as a growing number of consumers seek healthier alternatives. Premium beer brands like Heineken, Budweiser, and Lagunitas have … Continued

Packaging Design in the Spotlight for 2021

Research from IPSOS indicates that 70% of consumers agree a product’s package can influence their purchasing decisions. Innovative packaging designs are evolving as brands explore more creative, convenient, and sustainable packaging options that will capture the attention of shoppers and differentiate their product. Iconic Brand Refresh From simple and streamlined to adding pops of personality, … Continued

2021 Flavor & Trend Forecast!

As the food industry evolves in the wake of coronavirus, changing consumer trends will transform the future of food and drink. We analyzed the newest product releases, market intelligence reports, data sources, and social media buzz to predict the latest food, beverage and flavor trends. Here’s a sneak peek into our predictions for the coming year.  Breakfast Reimagined The breakfast category will experience innovative revamps on familiar favorites … Continued