Cold Brew Botanical Extracts

When high temperatures are used in the brewing process, it can result in the release of undesirable flavor elements along with the deterioration of color and nutritional values. This traditional botanical brewing method can leave behind bitter oils and harsh, fatty acids.

Cold water brewing is a process that extracts the rich, aromatic flavor of a botanical, yielding a far cleaner flavor profile than traditionally brewed botanicals. In addition, cold brew botanicals retain more color due to the lack of heat in extraction. This process can be applied in

Flavorchem offers a variety of cold brew extracts, with attributes and advantages including:

  • Authentic flavor profiles
  • Lower acidity with clean flavor profile
  • Organic Certified
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Custom blends

For a sample of our cold brew extracts, please contact your Flavorchem sales representative or email us at [email protected].