Fresh from the garden, the top three floral flavors blossoming this summer!

The top three floral flavors blooming this summer!

Floral tonalities offer new taste experiences, aromatic escapes and healthful positioning. Chefs, bloggers and foodies all agree that combining fruits and botanicals can add uniqueness, differentiation and sophistication to a product. Florals are also visually appealing and extremely social media friendly propelling them onto the mainstage in flavor innovation.

Here are the top three floral flavors you’ll see this summer in a variety of food and beverage applications.


Elderflower is described as fresh, fruity, green and slightly floral with subtle pear, lychee and tropical nuances. A traditional flavor in much of central and northern Europe, its presence on menus in the United States has grown by 91% over the past four years. British royalty, Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle gave elderflower a promotional boost when they choose lemon-elderflower as the flavor profile for their wedding cake. Lick’s Frozen Yogurt and Echo Falls wine highlighted the fruity and floral flavor combination of strawberry and elderflower, while Haagen Dazs combined elderflower with black currant in its limited time offering.


The floral scent, once confined to candles, creams and soaps, is blooming across the food world. Chefs are drawn to its versatility as a primary component or as an enticing addition to bring elegance and complexity to a dish. Cafes and Instagram posts have recently been inundated with lavender flavored teas and baked goods, often paired with honey. Morning Lavender Café opened in 2018 with a signature lavender latte. Celebrity Chef Rachel Ray uses lavender in several of her recipes including her Lavender & Vanilla Simple Syrup for cocktails and Orange Lavender Fig Jam for desserts. Many private label brands are using the flavor lavender in their products, including Trader Joe’s Blueberry Lavender Almond Milk, emphasizing that the flavor is here to stay for a while.



The worldwide use of hibiscus in new product launches has grown 300% since 2012, according to Innova Market Insights. Consumers are drawn to hibiscus for its perceived health benefits, natural tart-floral flavor and photo-friendly pinkish red hue. #hibiscus has over 1.6 million posts on Instagram with hundreds of recipes all over the internet from cocktails to macarons to savory sauces. Starbucks’ Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers™ Beverage has become a mainstay in its product offerings, and just this month La Croix launched a Hibiscus Sparkling Water – its first new flavor in almost two years.


Want more floral flavors? Additional floral flavors gaining traction among consumers include:

Rose, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Lilac and Chrysanthemum

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