Meet Carrie Morse, Flavorchem’s Graphic Designer

Road to Flavorchem

I started at Flavorchem as a contract worker on 11/11 of 2019 (MAKE A WISH) and then I was hired on months later. One of my favorite things about working at Flavorchem is the creativity and exploration of food and fragrance. Sometimes I feel like I work at Willy Wonka’s factory and it’s amazing. Plus, my coworkers are the BEST!! 

Interest in Food & Beverage

The trends! I love reading the material that is sent to me to design and learning about new flavors. It’s exciting how things go from mini, to single serve, to low-carb, to extra toasty. 😊 I think it’s pretty cool to be a part of the (food) chain of events that occur in order to have something brought to life and on the shelves. I never thought so much about flavors and fragrance before working here! Also, pun intended.  

Outside of Flavorchem

I enjoy singing, making art, playing music, and hanging with animals. I also own a pet (and people) portrait business and clothing line! Currently, I am writing a novel and working on illustrating children’s stories. Future plans include dancing and drumming with my niece and nephew (who are 2 and 4 years old). 

Interesting Facts!

  • Favorite Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon & Peach 
  • Something your co-workers don’t know about you: I played guitar in an all-female metal band for a few years! I really love science and space, too.  
  • I am half Estonian, half Latvian and my best friend is my orange and cream cat, CC!!! 
  • Biggest Accomplishment: Teaching my cat to high five (high paw)