Meet Nazli Lombardo, Flavorchem’s Regulatory Customer Document Coordinator

Name: Nazli Lombardo
Role: Regulatory Customer Document Coordinator

“Anytime that I get to help our customers is very satisfying.  It’s a good feeling when we finish customer requests on time, or even ahead of time, and we can answer all their questions.”

Road to Flavorchem

I got my BS in Political Science and my Master’s in Public Administration from NIU in DeKalb, IL. I was a financial analyst for the City of Rockford for about 2 years while my husband, Nick, began cooking professionally; and then the economy took a downturn. My husband and I moved out to DuPage County so that Nick could go to the College of DuPage’s culinary program during the day and work as a line cook at night. I also decided to go to the College of DuPage to get my associates of science. I had been interested in food and human nutrition, but I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to pursue.

By 2015, Nick had been working at Flavorchem for about 3 years and informed me of an opening in Regulatory. He thought it would be an excellent fit tying together my experience as a public administrator and my interest in food and nutrition.

Interest in the Food & Beverage Industry

I love eating food. The topic of food and human nutrition is a personal interest of mine. I enjoy reading books and articles about how food and beverage affect the body. I am entertained (and irritated) by the politics behind the food and beverage industry. And I love that the industry is bringing flavors from around the world into my home.

Before working at Flavorchem, I never thought twice about flavors in food and beverages. We work with flavors and raw materials that go into all sorts of products. I feel like working in the flavor side of the food industry is very niche and out-of-the-box and that makes it one of my favorite jobs. Being in the Regulatory Department is great because I work behind the scenes, seeing and learning about all aspects of the company.

Future Goals

I will be running 3 marathons this year, including the Chicago Marathon. Every race I run is a step closer to qualifying for Boston, but it’s going to take a while for my speed and age to align.

Interesting Facts!

  • Favorite Flavor: Dark Chocolate or Coffee
  • Favorite Hobby: Running