Meet Steven Spreengo, Flavorchem’s Marketing Specialist

Name: Steven Spreengo
Role: Marketing Specialist

“My favorite thing about working for Flavorchem is that I get to support a company that is doing real good in the world. In addition to our regular philanthropic drives and company activities, our normal business helps keep store shelves stocked so people have things to eat and drink.”

Road to Flavorchem

I worked in marketing for a natural health company that ended up relocating to Florida at the end of 2018. I decided to look for work in the Chicago suburbs since I had no interest in moving to Florida. I grew up in Glen Ellyn and still have many friends and family in the area so when I saw a marketing position open in Downers Grove, I became excited. As I learned more about Flavorchem and went through the application process, I knew this was a company that I wanted to be a part of and was thrilled to land the job in February 2019. Over a year later, I have no regrets and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Interest in the Food & Beverage Industry

Pizza. Also, I find it amazing that there are constantly new flavors and innovations coming from plants that I never heard of. From trendy teas to outrageously colored ice cream, I love that there is always something new and exciting out there just waiting to be discovered and made mainstream.

Most Rewarding Flavorchem Project

Working on big trade shows, especially the IFT19 (Institute of Food Technologists) Food Expo, stand out the most in my mind. The amount of work and coordination it takes to pull off a successful trade show from start to finish can be a bit daunting. However, the same things that make them difficult are what make them so rewarding. After having spent months coordinating between different departments and companies, it was a huge payoff to attend the show and get to see the fruits of our labor come together first-hand.

Interesting Facts!

  • Favorite Flavor: Cherry
  • Favorite Hobby: Gaming
  • Biggest Accomplishment: Marrying the love of my life, Jacqueline, in 2015! We can’t wait to take a trip this summer to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!