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Essential Oils

Across product categories, consumers seek out essential oils for wellness and mood-boosting benefits. Our customized blends are created to exceed expectations every time. Our team is adept at supporting the consumer desire for functional benefits often associated with essential oils and integrating those elements into your products.

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Fragrance Services & Capabilities

With our boutique approach, we create highly-custom sensory experiences driving product innovation by working closely to support your application needs. With in-depth formulation expertise, we can provide accelerated stability testing, application performance, and fine tuning for fragrance optimization.

  • Custom scent development
  • Fragrance duplication
  • Hot and cold throw performance
  • Troubleshooting weeping and discoloration issues
  • Sensory and triangle test
  • Fragrance optimization across product categories

We strive to ensure that your fragrance performs the same in your product as it does in our lab.

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Fragrance Training

With exclusive access to our Perfumers, you can deepen your olfactory knowledge with our interactive fragrance training. Our virtual experiences make it easy to connect directly with experts in perfumery. Part of this experience includes fragrance samples that will be safely shipped to your location in advance to smell and discuss in real-time. 

  • Introduction to Fragrance & Describing Odors 
  • Essential Oils, Natural & Synthetic Aroma Chemicals 
  • Fragrance Stability, Regulations & Safety

Regulatory Compliance

Our Regulatory Experts focus on the complex landscape of regulatory compliance to keep you on the cutting edge. Across a broad range of applications, we provide regulatory guidance to meet industry standards and requirements.

  • EU Compliance
  • 1223/2009/E Regulation on Cosmetic Products


Safety & Quality

Our commitment to quality and safety is integrated into all aspects of our operations. Our boutique philosophy allows us to continuously analyze and improve upon key performance indicators to deliver safe, quality products.

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