Flavorchem has over 20 years of experience creating high-end coffee extracts. We believe in a craft approach to coffee. “Craft food” is defined as carefully prepared from high-quality ingredients. We are extending that definition into our coffee portfolio.

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Craft Approach

  • Unique Batch Processing, Providing Superior Flavor Profile
  • Full Customization Specifically Formulated for your Application and Desired Sensory Profile
  • Single or Multiple Source Origins
  • Full Range of Premium to Economical Offerings
  • Aseptic Processing Available in a Variety of Packaging
  • Concentrated Extract or RTD Forms Available
  • Cold Brew and Hot Brew
  • Available as Organic, Organic Compatible, GMOF, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, Halal Certifiable, and Fair Trade

Looking for Cold Brew?

Many cold-brew coffees on the market are adding coffee solids which does not yield a 100% cold brew. Since there is no standard of identity for cold-brew coffee, the products on the market can vary greatly.

We have an authentic cold extraction process which involves extended steeping time, resulting in smooth and superior taste profile.

To Request Samples Email [email protected]

Taste the Difference

Coffee extracts according to your unique products and expectations.