Flavorchem has over 20 years of experience creating high-end coffee extracts. We believe in a craft approach to coffee. “Craft food” is defined as carefully prepared from high-quality ingredients. We are extending that definition into our coffee portfolio.

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Craft Approach

  • Unique Batch Processing, Providing Superior Flavor Profile
  • Full Customization Specifically Formulated for your Application and Desired Sensory Profile
  • Single or Multiple Source Origins
  • Full Range of Premium to Economical Offerings
  • Aseptic Processing Available in a Variety of Packaging
  • Concentrated Extract or RTD Forms Available
  • Cold Brew and Hot Brew
  • Available as Organic, Organic Compatible, GMOF, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, Halal Certifiable, and Fair Trade

Looking for Cold Brew?

Many cold-brew coffees on the market are adding coffee solids which does not yield a 100% cold brew. Since there is no standard of identity for cold-brew coffee, the products on the market can vary greatly.

We have an authentic cold extraction process which involves extended steeping time, resulting in smooth and superior taste profile.

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Coffee extracts according to your unique products and expectations.