Summer LTOs Trending Now

Summer is here and brands have introduced new LTOs and relaunched seasonal favorites in an effort to drive consumer purchasing in this exceptionally slow retail environment. QSRs have doubled down on drive thru and delivery options so consumers can safely attain the warm weather must-haves. Here is a breakdown of the most popular flavors trending this summer.

S’more Chocolate, Please!

Starbucks launched their S’mores Frappuccino in 2015 and it quickly became a fan favorite, going six summers strong. Dairy Queen’s signature Summer Blizzard Menu is in full swing, featuring returning flavors: Cotton Candy and you guessed it, S’mores! Edy’s S’mores Ice Cream returns to freezers nationwide and Russell Stover rereleased their S’mores Bars line; both reappearing on shelves for more than a decade.

LTOs: Edy’s S’mores Ice Cream, DQ S’mores Blizzard Treat, Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino, Russell Stover S’mores Bar

Piece of Cake

The popular Cake Batter flavor has seen a recent resurgence. First introduced in 2019, Sonic’s Yellow Cake Batter Shake is on the menu this summer, and KitKat recently released limited-time birthday cake wafers. Meanwhile, Baskin Robbins tries to keep followers engaged with new flavor countdowns each month. Their latest flavor, Surprise Party, swirls pink, blue, and yellow buttercream cake batter ice cream.

LTOs: Baskin Robbins Surprise Party, KitKat Birthday Cake, Sonic Yellow Cake Batter Shake

Childhood Indulgences and American Classics

Pop-Tarts and Popcornopolis have unveiled star-spangled snacks: Red, White, and Berry toaster pastries and colorful Americorn, respectively. Oreos received a summertime twist with their limited-time Tiramisu crème and Trader Joe’s reintroduced their key lime frozen pie, complete with graham cracker crust.

LTOs: Trader Joe’s Key Lime Pie, Tiramisu Oreo Cookies, Popcornopolis Americorn, Pop-Tarts Red, White and Berry

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