Sweet Trends in Sugar Reduction Happening Now

Sugar reduction remains a top priority as new dietary guidelines advise Americans to lower their added sugar intake from 10% to less than 6% of their daily caloriesBrands’ quest for healthier alternatives persists with 74% of 2020 Food and Health survey respondents trying to limit or avoid sugar altogether. 

No sugar. No problem

ChocZero’s sugar-free chocolate products include peanut butter cups, chocolate squares, and keto bark. Nut Pods dairy-free, 0g of sugar coffee creamers feature classic and limited-time flavors like Hazelnut and Pumpkin Spice26% of soft drinks launches last year had sugar-related claims with the release of Aura Bora botanical sparkling water and Nestlé® Pure Life Fruity Water for kids, both no-sugar beverages. 

Trendsetters: ChocZero, Nut Pods, Aura BoraNestle Pure Life 

Low Sugar Claims

Blue Bell and Edy’s low fat ice cream contains no added sugar as brands launch reduced-sugar offerings in an array of applicationsArbor’s Small Batch Fruit Bars and RXBAR Kids are both made with five ingredients or less and include several flavor choices like apple and raspberry and chocolate chip, respectively.  

Trendsetters: Blue BellEdy’sArborRXBAR

Au Naturel

The clean-label movement is driving brands to utilize natural sweeteners like Behave’s Gummy Bears, made with monk fruit extract to create a sweet and sour reduced-sugar product. Guardian uses plant-based stevia, which has a global forecasted growth of 8% by 2026, in their athletic rehydration beverage. Allulose is gaining traction as a low-calorie natural sugar, found in Kiss My Keto’s cookie line. 

Trendsetters: BehaveGuardianKiss My Keto

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