Nostalgic Flavors Trend Upward as Consumers Seek Comfort

Nostalgic flavors across food and beverage have surged in popularity as many consumers seek out familiar favorites and comfort during the pandemic. According to Mintel, 71% of US consumers enjoy food experiences that remind them of their childhood as brands revamp classic flavors and create nostalgic additions to their product portfolios. Warm brown flavors are geared for nostalgia as we break down the top tastes that encompass both comfort and innovation.

Crazy for Churro

Modern takes on the Spanish-inspired churro, which was the fastest-growing dessert item on menus in 2020, according to Datassential, have surfaced from surfaced from market leading brands. From General Mills’ chocolatey churro twist on their Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal to 903 Brewer’s Churro Flavored Milk Stout, churro’s sweet flavor has immense versality and appeal in the marketplace.

Trendsetters: General Mill’s903 BrewersKrogerSMASHMALLOW

Breakfast-Inspired Maple

With more consumers at home, the breakfast category is experiencing a resurgence as comforting warm brown flavors like maple, cinnamon, and coffee expand beyond the breakfast tableMaple, referring to the flavor of maple syruppairs well with pecan, brown sugar, and bacon and is emerging throughout beverage, snacks, and bakery.

Trendsetters: Fat SnaxMcKessonBio-K PlusBoom Chicka Pop

Brownie Blast

Fudgy, chocolatey, gooey. Brownie lovers can rejoice as a new wave of this decadent flavor launches into exciting new food formats. Reminiscent of childhood, this classic flavor is found in snackable formats that include dips, cereal, cookies, and frozen novelties. Consumers can expect to see brownie and other dessert flavors appearing in more nutritional bars and protein beverages as well.

Trendsetters: SabraKellogg’sOreoEdy’sMars Wrigley

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